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Casalt-D Tablet (in Pot & Blister)
Generic Name : Elemental Calcium USP + Vit-D3 USP
Therapeutic Class : Calcium supplement with Vitamin D
Dosage form : Tablet
Pack Size : 30's & 5x10's

Casalt-D is a combination of Calcium & Vitamin-D3. Calcium is needed for the formation of strong bones and healthy teeth and is involved in helping the blood to clot when required. It is also required to transmit nerve signals and help muscles to work. Vitamin-D3 is also essential for healthy bones as it aids in calcium absorption from the GI tract. In addition to this, it stimulates bone formation & calcium deposition. Clinical studies show that calcium and Vitamin-D3 has synergistic effects on bone growth as well as in osteoporosis and fracture prevention especially at older age.

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