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Kvit-I Capsule
Generic Name : Antioxidant Eye Vitamin
Therapeutic Class : Antioxidants for Ocular Health
Dosage form : Capsule
Pack Size : 5x6's

Kvit-i is an antioxidant capsule specially formulated for ophthalmic indications containing Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Zinc, copper and Lutein. Vitamin-C is highly concentrated in the lens compared to blood. Long term use of Vitamin-C supplement (10+ years) has been associated with reduced risk of cataract. It has been found that high serum Vitamin-E concentrations are associated with reduced risk of cataract. Both Vitamin-C & Vitamin-E work as antioxidants and they have free radicals scavenging property. Lutein is a carotenoid specially concentrated in macula. It can protect the macula from oxidation or light damage. It has been found that high level of dietary intake of Lutein is associated with relatively lower risk of AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). Zinc, an essential trace element that influences cell metabolism through a variety of mechanisms, appears to play an integral role in maintaining normal ocular function. It is
present in high concentrations in ocular tissue, particularly in retina and choroids. Zinc deficiency results in variety of gross, ultrastructural and electrophysiologic ocular manifestations. As a part of various enzymes,
copper takes part of numerous metabolic conversions.

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