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Generic Name : Creatine Monohydrate
Therapeutic Class : Supplement for Muscle Building
Dosage form : Powder
Pack Size : 195 gm/Jar

1st time Bangladesh, Kemiko’s Food Supplement Division introduces orange flavoured and tasty Creatine
Monohydrate branded as Megastar.

Creatine is a compound formed from several amino acids that is stored in high amounts in our muscles. It
is synthesized from three amino acids - arginine, glycine and methionine that are predominantly located in skeletal muscle (SM) tissue. The source of creatine to replace our daily turnover (~ 2 g) is shared roughly equally between dietary intake (animal muscle foods such as meat, poultry and eggs) and manufactured by our bodies.

Brings benefits for –
Professional and amateur athletes
Body builders
Who wants to increase lean muscle mass

Benefits of Creatine consumption among athletes -
• Increases lean muscle mass
• Increases muscle strength
• Enhances high-intensity exercise performance
• Reduces oxidative damage following intense exercise
• Improves concentration in sleep-deprived athletes
• Reduces thermal strain
• Improves glucose transport

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