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Ramphen Eye/Ear Drops
Generic Name : Chloramphenicol BP
Therapeutic Class : Ocular/Ottic Antibiotic
Dosage form : Eye/Ear Drops
Pack Size : 10 ml

Ramphen (Chloramphenicol) is a broad spectrum antibiotic. It is bacteriostatic and inhibits protein synthesis by interfering the incorporation of amino acids into newly formed peptides. Topical application of Chloramphenicol to the eye & ear has been employed because of the wide spectrum of Chloramphenicol. It penetrates into cornea, conjunctiva into the aqueous humor of eye and is excreted by the nasolacrimal system. As a result, Ramphen Eye/Ear Drops begins to act within an hour of application.

Ramphen Drops is used in topical bacterial infection involving conjunctiva or cornea. Sepsis caused by some species of bacteroides may respond to Ramphen Drops.

Ramphen Drops is also indicated in bacterial infection of external ear canal.

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